Teacher refresher course

With an extremely practical approach, this course is aimed at those who are interested in a specific teaching aimed at developing the student's communicative skills. In addition to the subjects of language teaching, the program offers an opportunity to practise and deepen the language knowledge and is therefore particularly suitable for teachers who live abroad and non-native Italian speakers who feel the need for a more general direct contact with language and culture.

Teacher refresher course
20 hours/week teaching practice and work in peer with a teacher trainer + 10 hours of Tuition on Methodology (one-to-one)

The seminar has a duration of one week according to the following schedule:

Teaching practice + work in peer with a teacher trainer - 20 lessons, 9.00 am – 1.00 pm: this part of the course gives the opportunity to observe the teacher's experience with the class and the different teaching techniques, possibly at different levels.

Tuition on methodology (one-to-one) - 10 lessons, 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm: this is a feedback session, which will support the teaching practice with the class. The work will be done in pairs, in groups and individually.

Further afternoon activities in the frame of the Italian Language and Culture Course are optional and highly recommended. The activities are lectures, excursions and guided tours that take place on average twice a week, for a total of about 4 hours.

Course fee: € 520

Special price for one additional week: Euro 150 (teaching practice and work in peer with a teacher trainer, 20 hours + Tuition on Methodology, 10 hours + optional afternoon activities in the frame of the Italian Language and Culture Course).

Breakdown of course content:
  • Definition of the types of students and their communication needs, premises, expectations and motivation.
  • Focus on spoken language. The development of an integrated ability: the dialogue. What Italian shall we teach?
  • Construction of the syllabus: selection criteria of materials, techniques and contents in relation to the recipients.
  • Use and didactic teaching of authentic materials.
  • Classroom management: interaction in the classroom and communicative action.
  • Grammatical structures and grammatical rationalization: the different degrees of the analysis. A grammar of the text. A grammar of the spoken language. Inductive and deductive learning, methods of research.
  • Centrality of the student. Individualized learning.
  • The teacher's roles. The student’s speech vs. the teacher's speech.
  • Individual, pair or group work
  • Listening to L2.
  • The group as a resource: different skills, different interests and harmonization of the group.
  • The mathetic dimension of learning and the development of strategies for the communication.
  • Knowing vs. knowing how to speak
  • Errors: analysis, correction, self-correction and awareness of learning.
  • The socio-cultural dimension of spoken communication.
  • Perceive, interpret, evaluate, talk: the use of the film.

Language course for school groups

A week in Lucca or Bologna with classmates: an ideal way to integrate, expand and put into practice the knowledge of Italian language and culture already acquired during lessons at school in your country.
Koinè offers a combination of language course and cultural and recreational activities through a program that, at your choice and pleasure, will be full of guided tours and excursions. Some outdoor lessons (interviews in the city, treasure hunts, visits to the market, etc.) under the careful guidance of the teacher will be a valid incentive to use the Italian language in concrete and fun contexts.

Language course for school groups
15 hrs/week in a group in the morning + afternoon activities and trips + accommodation

Upon request, teachers will receive our best offer and prices for a program built according to the specific needs and expectations of the group. We offer a wide range of choices regarding the duration of the course, attendance, arrival and departure. Facilitations for the course and accommodation for groups of more than 15 participants.

The accommodation can be arranged with carefully selected families, couples or singles. Half board with breakfast and dinner. Each family can accommodate 1 to 4 students, the bathroom is shared. Girls and boys will be hosted separately.

An example of a Program in Lucca (3 hrs. lesson/day):

Sunday: The group will be met by a school representative and introduced to homestay hosts who will take their guests home.

Monday: 9.00 – 12.00 Italian language course
15.00: "What, when, where and how", orientation tour of Lucca and guided walking tour of city walls

Tuesday: 9.00 – 12.00 Italian language course
15.00: Excursion to Pisa: Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower, Piazza dei Cavalieri and the picturesque promenade along the river.

Wednesday: 9.00 – 12.00 Italian language course and interviews in the city.
15.00 guided tour: Inside and outside, Lucca seen from the walls, present and past of a Tuscan city.

Thursday: 9.00 – 12.00 Italian language course
15.00: An afternoon at the beach. The port, the promenade, the beaches of fine sand that slopes towards the sea: swim with a view of the imposing marble mountains.

Friday: 9.00 – 12.00 Italian language course
Delivery of certificates of attendance. Free afternoon.

Saturday: Departure

Course fee: 15 hrs/week € 160

Accommodation with half board for students: single room, € 300; double room, € 270 in host families carefully selected by our accommodation manager.
The course can also include 4 hours of lessons/day and can be offered even without afternoon activities, thus giving the teachers or group assistants the opportunity to plan their own program independently, counting on the advice and complete assistance of our secretariat. The price includes the transfer from the station, or from any other agreed place, to families. For transfers from the airports or any further exceptional requests, we will offer particularly favorable fees.