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Teaching method

Koinè Center is one of the first schools in Italy to have adopted a communicative teaching method developed through an intense, in depth-research carried out by the teaching staff in person. Their work led to the production of didactic materials and to the conduction of periodic seminars and training/refresher courses.

THE PROGRAM - Our courses offer a program that lets the students interact in different communicative contexts of daily life and address sociocultural issues (art, literature, cinema, music, information).

OUR METHOD - Our teaching method is based mainly on inductive and creative activities aimed to develop the autonomy of the students, emphasizing their active engagement and self-questioning, encouraging them to take a leading role during the lesson, while the teacher will act as a facilitator creating a favourable learning environment. The lexical, grammatical and morphosyntactic aspects are always analyzed within a real context through the use of authentic materials in order to acquire the main functional skills – firstly in speaking and listening and then, especially at more advanced levels, in reading and writing - thus avoiding the risk of a passive and notional knowledge of the language disconnected from the ability to communicate effectively.
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Koinè Center - one of the longest established Italian language schools in Italy - offers a unique, natural and conversational approach to language learning. The flexible, varied, and effective classes and afternoon activities are designed to make serious study fun. Teaching of the highest quality and the commitment of the entire Koinè staff have become the school's trademark.

Our policy is to have several schools in different locations, so that we can offer a wide range of choices and maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere at the same time. Koinè has 4 schools located in the historical center of Florence, Lucca, Bologna and Capraia , each location renowned for outstanding historical heritage, culture, landscape, architecture and lifestyle and each offering you the opportunity to be immersed in the Italian way of life. Our locations are the perfect base for your stay, with a lot to do and see either in the context of our “ Italian Language and Culture Program” or independently.

Cultural activities

Social and cultural activities play an important role in the study of a language. Learning about the society and culture of the country is a strong incentive to improve your language skills as well as a unique opportunity to be exposed to spoken Italian language.  Many of the activities are a source of interesting topics of conversation that can be used between students and teachers too. For this reason, Koinè offers a varied program of social and cultural activities beyond language courses, which includes effective insights into the Italian way of life. The program is individually designed for each Koinè location and based on the particular environment and characteristics that make each town exceptional. Our teaching staff is trained to help the students feeling at ease during the activities which are thought for everyone, no matter the level of Italian. They can be lectures, excursions or guided tours.

All activities take place in the afternoon and are included in the course price.

Entrance tickets to exhibitions and museums or transport are not included and will be charged to the participants

Holidays and Closure Days

The school is closed on the following public holidays:
03/08/2024-18/08/2024 (Bologna)
04/10/2024 (Bologna)

General conditions

The course deposit, €150, must be paid before the school can reserve a place on a course.
The deposit is non-refundable and non- transferable from person to person.
The course fees are not transferable from person to person.
Cancellation must be communicated to the school in writing at least 30 days before the course starting date. In this case only, and in no other circumstances, the advance payment/deposit/course fees (less a Euro 50 administration charge) may be used as a credit for future courses.
If the student fails to attend classes or decides not to attend classes or to shorten the course, she/he is not entitled to any refund.
On no account can the tuition fee paid for group classes be transferred to individual tuition after the beginning of the course.
No lessons will take place on public holidays. Individual lessons falling on public holidays may be rearranged by prior agreement with the course administrator.
Beginners should commence their course on course starting date. Non-beginners can start on dates other than the course starting dates listed.


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