Cultural activities

Cultural Activities are no longer than 1 day and are open both to language students and to others with an interest in Italian culture and society and, usually, take place in the afternoon.

in_cucinaSocial and cultural activities play an important role in the study of a language. Learning about the society and culture of the country is a strong incentive to improve your language skills as well as a unique opportunity to be exposed to spoken Italian language.  Many of the activities are a source of interesting topics of conversation that can be used between students and teachers too. For this reason, Koinè offers a varied programme of social and cultural activities beyond language courses, which includes effective insights into the Italian way of life. The programme is individually designed for each Koinè location and based on the particular environment and characteristics that make each town exceptional. Our teaching staff is trained to help the students feeling at ease during the activities which are thought for everyone, no matter the level of Italian. They can be lectures, excursions or guided tours. Some examples:


Italy on a Vespa. The Vespa: symbol of Italian creativity and sign of a popular phenomenon. A journey through advertising and cinema with the Vespa in the leading role, set against the background of defining social and cultural events in Italy up until the present day. The lecture makes extensive use of audio visual material.


Body language, bad language, posing and poetry. The “theatre” of everyday spoken Italian and its lexicon of gestures with particular reference to the language of advertising.

Puccini, the man, the artist and... La Boheme. Using a variety of audio visual resources we discuss the life and work of Lucca’s most famous son and his most famous opera. 

Guided visits

The city seen from the walls. A stroll on the city walls whilst learning about the history of Lucca, its geographical setting and its architectural development.

Devils, saints, magic stones and pilgrim crosses. A walk through the town, visiting key places relating to Lucca’s history, religion and superstitions. 


The Tuscan villa of the XVIIth century and the art of the garden. Guided visit by private coach

Florence: The tuscan art of landscaping. Once over the Ponte Vecchio, a different Florence reveals itself, quieter and greener … and unknown Visit at Giardino dei Boboli and Giardino Bardini: a garden with a breathtaking View.

A landscape of wine and olives. During our visit to this beautiful wine producing area, home of world wide famous DOC wines, we enjoy locally produced salumi and other typical products as well as olive oil tasting and a comparative tasting of both red and white wines. (see some pictures)



Tuscany and the cinema. Brief overview and guided watching of scenes from famous movies.

L'italiano all' Opera: Using a variety of audio visual resources we listen and discuss some of the most famous operas.

Guided visits


A Taste of Florence. A food and wine lovers' walking tour of the town, introducing not only the historic centre but also the traditional ingredients and specialities of the area.

From Piazzale Michelangelo strolling down to the river Arno and to the Uffizi Gallery: an open-air exhibition with symbols of ancient and modern Italian and European culture in every nook.

Florence: secret corners and unusual perspectives.


The unique scenery of the Chianti Area, home to the world wide famous Chianti Classico DOCG wines. Excursion and visit to a winery with comparative wine tastings.

An afternoon in Lucca. Getting caught up in the atmosphere and forgetting about time: the unique and impressive green belt surrounding the historic centre. The extremely well preserved old town, the Guinigi Tower and the Roman Amphiteatre. All the Italian flavour in the many stores, cafes and trattorias.



A pivoltal town on the italian musical scene: Bologna, its music and lyrics: Songwriter’s works reflecting italian society. Guided listening of selected songs.

Bologna and the italian cinema. The italian cinema and Bologna as movie set

Guided visits

History, legend and curios customs: Santo Stefano's Basilica and the seven churches the unique scenery of the seven religious buildings that are interweaving and surprisingly interconnected.

A Taste of Bologna. A food and wine lovers' walking tour of the town, introducing not only the historic centre but also the traditional ingredients and specialities of the area, the market, the old and new food stores and wine shops. 



An afternoon in Ferrara. Ferrara and the splendours of the Estensi. Guided excursion.

Trip to Modena and visit to a "Acetaia" (Aceto balsamico - Balsamic Vinegar destiller) as well as to the Dome of Modena.