Our Italian language courses are accredited by:    
      Italian Ministry of Education                         

           Riconoscimento ministero dell'istruzione      

        Prot. 1907/c20 - 1/03/2002


Germany’s Bildungsurlaub for learning vacations and educational and training holidays:

 Reihnland       Niedersachsen         hessen        Brandeburg          Saarland           hamburg

  Rheinland Pfalz              Niedersachsen                      Hessen                     Brandenburg                    Saarland                            Hamburg

        Blf                scleswig-holstein

                         Berlin                                           Scleswig - Holstein 
C.S.N. Sweden

  csn svezia


Our Italian language school is member of:
A.S.I.L.S. - Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language




 Koinè Center has been awarded by: 

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