Language Courses in Lucca

Why choose Lucca?

Lucca is a small city filled with history and perfect for those who appreciate a small town feeling. The city is surrounded by a historical wall which means that a short walk is all it takes to get from one end of town to the other. The walls of Lucca are not simply a way to define the city limits, instead they offer a green oasis for the citizens of Lucca who use it as a park to run, cycle or just walk their dogs and chat with their friends. They also offer incredible views into the hidden city gardens of Lucca and out into the mountains not far away.

The city is ideally located to tour the numerous wineries, olive orchards and cheese-makers who have made the region famous or to pop over to the beach for the afternoon. And for those who crave a bit of the big city life every now and then, Florence, Pisa and Pistoia are all nearby making visiting easy and quick.

Koinè Center is located within the old town, in via dei Tabacchi, between Piazza Napoleone and Piazza San Michele, two of Lucca’s most popular squares. This part of the city still preserves the Italian typical essence thanks to its many stores, cafes and “trattorias”. It is also rich in history and traditional festivals, (some of them date back centuries) and often hosts a number of varied cultural events.


20 hrs/week Italian language and Culture class in the morning + afternoon optional activities: lectures, excursions and guided visits....Read more


 20 hrs/week  Italian Language and Culture course   in the morning + 5/10 hrs/week individual lessons in the afternoon + optional afternoon activities....Read more


 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 hrs/day private tuition  + optional afternoon activities: lectures, excursions and guided visits....Read more


20 hrs/week  Italian Language and Culture course  in the morning + afternoon optional activities: lectures, excursions and guided visits....Read more


20 hrs/week  Italian Language and Culture course + wine tour, guided wine tastings, cooking lesson and dinner....Read more


 20 hrs/week Italian Language course + afternoon optional activities + cooking classes + accommodation....Read more


15 hrs/week in a group in the morning + afternoon activities and trips + accommodation....Read more


Teacher Refresher Course...Read more


 20 hrs/week Italian Language and Culture course  in the morning + Photography Workshop (22 hrs) in the afternoon....Read more


2 hrs/day lesson of Italian Language + 2 hrs/day of after school activity + lunch....Read more


16 hours of Italian language course in group + 4 half day excursions + 1 full day excursion + welcome drink + 3 meals + private and public transportation...Read more


10 hours individual online lessons...Read more


One course and two special locations: Florence or Lucca and the isle of Capraia...Read more


Two week-programme: 1 week in Lucca + 1 week in Florence
Italian Language and Culture (20 lessons per week in a group in the morning) + accommodation € 795
...Read more