Language Courses in Capraia

Why choose Capraia?

It is said that when Venus, the goddess of beauty and fertility, rose from the sea, her necklace broke and seven pearls fell into the sea, forming the impressive scenery of the seven Tuscan islands..

Beyond the rolling hillsides and beautiful towns, across the sea, off the coast of Tuscany ( and off the tourist track ) a different land reveals itself, untouched, well preserved and full of wild beauty. The island is sparsely populated, with its inhabitants ( about 400 ) centred on the harbour and nearby village, dominated by the Fortress of San Giorgio and connected to the harbour by the one and only asphalt road.

Capraia was used as an agricultural penal colony and its isolation protected its flora and wildlife, so that its dramatic coastline and landscape nowadays offer the visitor a wonderful combination of high cliffs, coves and hiking trails through the unspoilt inland with glorious views over the surrounding sea to the other islands ( Elba, Corsica, Montecristo...) and the Tuscan coast.

Reflecting their environmental value, Capraia and the surrounding crystal clear waters are under the protection of the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano, forming the first great marine park in Italy and the largest protected marine area in Europe.



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