Internship in Lucca

4 weeks Italian Language and Culture course + 4 weeks Internship.

Koinè Center offers the opportunity of combining the study of the Italian language in our school of Lucca with an unpaid period of practice in an Italian company or organisation. Placements for the internship are possible in different fields of activities such as: tourism, vocational education and training, commerce, fashion, informatics and welfare services and social work.


The period of internship is usually from 1 month till 3 months and starts after the student has completed an Italian language course reaching at least the intermediate level. The minimum duration of the Italian course, however, is 4 weeks.

For the placement and for the contact / agreement we need an application (along with a C.V. and 3 passport photos: further documents may be requested), which should be submitted not later than 2 months prior to the requested starting date. The Koinè Center staff assists the trainee during the whole period of internship and will issue a final certificate of the activity.

On request Centro Koinè will provide accommodation in Lucca for the entire duration of both course and internship.








Knowledge of Italian

Starting date Duration  
What's your knowledge of Italian?
4 week(s) + 1 month Internship (EUR 1060.0)