Teaching method

Koinè Center is one of the first schools in Italy to have adopted a communicative teaching method developed through an intense, in depth-research carried out by the teaching staff in person. Their work led to the production of didactic materials and to the conduction of periodic seminars and training/refresher courses.

THE PROGRAM - Our courses offer a program that lets the students interact in different communicative contexts of daily life and address sociocultural issues (art, literature, cinema, music, information).

OUR METHOD - Our teaching method is based mainly on inductive and creative activities aimed to develop the autonomy of the students, emphasizing their active engagement and self-questioning, encouraging them to take a leading role during the lesson, while the teacher will act as a facilitator creating a favourable learning environment. The lexical, grammatical and morphosyntactic aspects are always analyzed within a real context through the use of authentic materials in order to acquire the main functional skills – firstly in speaking and listening and then, especially at more advanced levels, in reading and writing - thus avoiding the risk of a passive and notional knowledge of the language disconnected from the ability to communicate effectively.



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