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Italian Language Courses in Florence, Lucca, Bologna and Camogli


Koine Center Italian Language School - Entrance in Florence

Open the gate, learn Italian, share the culture!


Koine Center – one of the longest established Italian language schools in Italy – offers a unique, natural and conversational approach to Italian language learning. The flexible, varied, and effective language classes and afternoon cultural activities are designed to make serious italian learning relaxed and even fun. Teaching of the highest quality and the commitment of the entire Koinè - Italian School staff have become our trademark.

The policy of Koine Center is to have several language schools in different locations, so that we can offer a wide range of choice of both locations and language courses and at the same time maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for italian learning due to the size of the Koine - language schools.

Koine Center Language School now has 4 locations situated in the historical centres of FlorenceLucca in TuscanyBologna and Camogli at the seaside, each location renowned for outstanding italian historical heritage, culture, landscape, architecture and lifestyle and each offering you the opportunity to be immersed in the Italian way of life.

Our locations are the perfect base for your stay, with many things to do and see either in the context of our "Italian Language and Culture Programme” or independently.

Photo: The entrance of our italian language school in Florence!

Koine Center Italian Language School - Miur Koine Center Italian Language School - ASILS
Koine Center is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

Koine Schools in Florence and Lucca are members of ASILS
(Associazione di scuole di italiano come lingua seconda)


 Where is Koine Center – Lucca? 

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 Where is Koine Center – Florence? 

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